Monday, April 23, 2007

Prolific? Hardly...

I appear to be going through one of those rare phases when I'm getting quite a few good story ideas all within a few days of each other. There's a short story or two in there, maybe a couple of mini-series or graphic novels too.

Of course, the problem for me is finding the time to actually do something with them all. Even though I only work at The Mirror four days a week, the amount of time I actually get to write scripts is still pretty small. (The weird effect of this is that I have a pretty good idea now what I'm going to be working on this time next year).

Recently, I was reading a column by an up and coming British comics writer who reckoned he'd banged out over 400 pages this year alone. I'd be happy with half that amount - heck, even a quarter!

Maybe I shouldn't be too downhearted though. I've already finished Septic Isle this year and am well on the way to wrapping up Brothers, too. Compared to previous years, that's pretty prolific!

* Projects update...

Septic Isle: Script and cover art complete. Interior art being worked on by Mick Trimble.

Brothers: Script nearing completion. Will Sliney should still be drawing this but he's kind of busy with other work so we'll have to see. Title might well change to League Of London, which emphacises the fact it's a team book.

Scoregasm: My football story is currently in comics' version of Development Hell. The script has been complete and with artist Duane Leslie for over a year. I'm remaining optimistic that it'll still happen at some point.

Razor Snakes: What I'm writing next. Roughly speaking, it's Brando's The Wild One... in space. A hugely talented Argentine artist has expressed an interest in illustrating it but nothing's yet confirmed.

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jamie said...

/sniff...i'm not doing much of anything,except staring at a picture of spider-man that i want to finish before the sodding film comes out.