Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Just how cheesy do I look in this photo?

The answer, of course, is very! In case you're wondering, I'm holding up a copy of Hero Killers . The photo appeared in yesterday's Southend Echo as part of a story about HK being nominated for an Eagle Award.

I'm just a dirty publicity whore.


jamie richards said...

...and so you join the swelling ranks of comic types who've been covered by the echo.
that's you,gary spencer millidge
no,just you two.
wonder why they've never done warren?
it's not like he's shy,or shuns publicity?

Unknown said...

Hilariously, this was on page three of Tuesday's paper. The photo was really big and the headline massive. A snail-slow news day, I suspect.

Warren was mentioned in the article too. BBC Essex then contacted him but he told them to "Fuck off" apparently.

I'm on BBC Essex on Tuesday morning. :-)