Wednesday, June 6, 2007


The script to Brothers is finished and with artist Will Sliney. It's a pretty kickass super-team tale with a heart that's nearly as dark as Hero Killers'.

I toyed with the idea of doing it as a two-issue mini-series but eventually opted for the same format as Septic Isle instead - a 52-page, perfect-bound, US format graphic novella. It'll probably retail for £5/$9.

So that's three one-shot scripts I now have out there with artists (Septic Isle and the long-delayed football tale Scoregasm! are the other two). Knowing my luck they'll all be finished at exactly the same time and I'll have to sell one of my children to finance their printing and promotion.

With Brothers done and dusted, I'm now going to finish off the Alan Moore piece for Tripwire and then crack on with a couple of short stories (one for Accent UK's 2008 Robots anthology). That should take me to the end of June, after which I'll spend the rest of the year slaving over three more one-shot titles - the aforementioned Tim Skinner, Razor Snakes and KURSS. The aim would be to have those three wrapped for the end of December.

2008 is already shaping up to be a busy one - projects with Mikey B and (I really, really hope) Keith Burns, plus a second installment of Jacob Marley, the manga-style book I've mentioned on here before, plus a supervillain project that definitely isn't a sequel to Hero Killers. Phew!

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