Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Book him, Danno"

I'M going to be at the Southend Book Fair next Saturday flogging copies of Septic Isle. It's my first time as an exhibitor at any sort of book event so it's going to be interesting to see how well my work is received. Judging by an article in the local college magazine, DAVE, I certainly have a lot to live up to, the fair's organiser having described me as "an amazing talent" and "a leader in his field". I'd settle for being either of those things - then I'd be writing fiction for a living instead of doing crappy nine-hour shifts at my day job.

The book fair will be at South East Essex College (it's smack bang in the middle of Southend's main town centre street) on Saturday, June 7 from 10am to 4pm. Admission is FREE. You can find out more here:

* STILL waiting for the movie options stuff to be sorted. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

* CRACKING on with the writing and alternating between two scripts right now in a desperate bid to catch up a bit. Bashing on with Kurse is my first priority but am also about nine pages into Razor Snakes, something I haven't even got an artist for yet. I'm now off work for a week so should be able to make quite a bit of progress...


jamie said...

hi andy,
is your mobile playing up?
tried phoning,and texting you to no avail.
lol,hope you haven't abandoned me...
oh well,
anyway,we had a lovely time in birmingham,despite not being able to meet up with mick trimble,but indy 4 was great even if we did have to drive three hours just to see it...
how about we do something this thursday?
if you're off all day,we can meet up as soon as i finish work.
let me know,
the book fair sounds promising,i reckon you'll shift a few copies of septic isle no problem.

Unknown said...

The mobile thing's a bit weird - I had texts today from Joel and it was fine.

Thursday should be fine - let me know what time.

jamie said...

no worries,anyway... thursday would be great,let's see what the wqeather is doing otherwise,i can pop round to yours straight after work,maybe...

jamie said...

"then I'd be writing fiction for a living instead of doing crappy nine-hour shifts at my day job."

it's just around the corner.