Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fool? Hardly...

Regie Rigby's Fool Britannia column this week talks about the Bristol Expo and reviews Septic Isle. It's possibly the most positive review we've had yet, with Regie concluding: "Seriously, [Septic Isle's] right up there with Oni’s Queen and Country and TV’s The Sandbaggers, which in this genre is about the highest praise I could give."

You'll find the review here.


jamie said...

as i sit carving my first page of scoregasm onto a piece of cartridge paper,i was wondering what the tally is on septic isle,out of the hundred or so you got printed up for bristol?

Unknown said...

We've sold around half of them - 50or so. Heard this week that Diamond aren't picking up the book, so after the first printing of 100 are gone that'll most likely be it!

jamie said...

did they give you a reason why they wouldn't carry it?
i'm sure with a bit of elbow grease you can get the local shops to carry a few,like southend,basildon and colchester?

Unknown said...

Getting rid of the other copies will be easy – at BICS, online and through a couple of shops. All I heard from Diamond was that they didn't think it would do well in the American market (maybe it's a bit too bleak). The British Diamond guy said he'd asked for more detailed reasons but I won't be holding my breath.

Anyway, I've taken it on the chin and am already cracking on with KURSE and RAZOR SNAKES. Onwards etc.