Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gene Colan

COMICS wouldn't mean nearly as much to me as they do if it wasn't for artist Gene Colan (above). I grew up pretty much obsessed with his beautiful, evocative work on Daredevil, Howard The Duck and Tomb Of Dracula. In fact, he's part of my Holy Trinity of all-time favourite artists that also includes Jack Kirby and John Buscema. Anyway, in the last few days Gene has been hospitalised with liver failure. As his wife, Adrienne, says: "My darling, sweet, handsome and brilliantly gifted husband's liver is failing. The complications are very nasty. This week it's fluid retention and encephalitis. He's on powerful meds now to diminish the symptoms. He sleeps a lot and has very little energy."

If you're a fan of Gene's, why not raise his spirits a little by sending him a get well soon card. Here's his address...

Gene Colan
2 Sea Cliff Avenue
Sea Cliff,
NY 11579

Also, writer Clifford Meth is organising a charity auction with all the proceeds going direct to Gene and Adrienne. This from Cliff's blog:

We're getting lots of email saying, "How can I help?" If you're a writer or artist or TV/film professional, please contact me at -- Or just mail a drawing or signed book or whatever it is you're contributing to:

COLAN c/o Clifford Meth
179-9 Rt. 46 West
Box 252
Rockaway, NJ 07866

Items will be auctioned off at (details, dates, etc. TBA)


jamie said...

that's terrible news,especially as we were talking about him over the weekend.
i only hope he has the strength to pull through.
god willing,he will make a recovery.

Unknown said...

I felt sorry when I heard this news. Here's hoping he manages to recover. He's always been a brilliant artist…