Friday, June 27, 2008

Broken Frontier

THERE'S a nicely-written and very perceptive review of Septic Isle over at Broken Frontier. You'll find it here

It isn't the most glowing write-up the book has had, but reviewer Tonya Crawford clearly gets what Mick and I were trying to do with the story even though she doesn't think we're always entirely successful.

Actually, Broken Frontier's a really decent site for comic reviews and news, and one that doesn't get half the attention it deserves.


Declan Shalvey said...

That's a very fair and balanced review i must say. Points out both its flaws and its strengths. Good stuff.

jamie said...

that's a cracking review,very well written.
i wonder,were there any 'deleted scenes',as they say?

Unknown said...

Only the original intro which showed Marley in Bond-style action in the 80s. Tonya's perhaps right when she says Maggie didn't really know Marley well enough to have that kind of conversation with him at that stage of their relationship, but Maggie's quite a tough, no-nonsense character who was willing to try anything to get Marley out of his depression.

She also slept with him, of course, and we don't know how much that was down to being attracted to him or whether it was a calculated ploy to cheer him up and get him back in the game.

I'm currently writing a Septic Isle short story kind of featuring Maggie that might answer a few questions that we left hanging...