Saturday, August 9, 2008


THERE'S very little to report on the comics front as I've done bugger all work for a couple of weeks. The main reason for my indolence is that the kids are on their summer break from nursery which means the house is about as quiet as King's Cross at rush hour. It also means I've been filling my days off with trips to places like Legoland in a forlorn bid to keep the little buggers happy and entertained.

The redundancy scare at the Daily Mirror (i.e. where I work) hasn't helped matters either. Basically, my department has been closed with the company accepting voluntary redundancies. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I've ended up with a new job – working on the paper's sports desk. The hours are a bit more demanding but I suspect this is what they call falling on your feet.

So, all in all, I'm just waiting for life to return to something approaching "normal" before I can crack on with things again. Unfortunately, that isn't going to happen until Monday, September 9, the day my eldest son starts school. I suspect Duncan Nimmo – the artist who was supposed to be working on the long-delayed Kurse – will have grown old and died by then.

* THIS week Declan Shalvey sent me some inked Tim Skinner pages to see and they look terrific – even better than the top-notch work he did on Hero Killers. There's one panel in particular that is really going to blow people away. Can't wait to see it all in full-colour.

* CRIKEY, the Birmingham International Comics Show is less than two months away (October 4-5). Guess I'd better book a hotel then...

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