Monday, October 6, 2008

Birmingham diary

THE third Birmingham International Comics Show was easily the best one yet and the Moonface Press table did pretty good business all weekend (especially on the Sunday, which is usually quiet). The first limited edition print run of Septic Isle has now completely sold out - a second printing hits comic shops through Diamond early next month.

Eleven other Brum highlights...
1. Chatting to Andy Radbourne to iron out a few problems we've been having with our Brit Force project. Things are back on track now though.
2. Being genuinely stunned by Andy's work on another forthcoming project of mine that should be ready for next year's Bristol.
3. Talking secret Blood Psi plans with Keith Burns.
4. Getting my hands on a copy of Frankenstein by Jason Cobley and Declan Shalvey - it's easily as lovely as I thought it would be.
5. Finally meeting Toxic/Bulletproof supremo Matt Yeo after exchanging emails with him on and off since 2002.
6. Getting to spend time with Rob, my oldest mate, who travelled up to Birmingham from Warwick on Saturday.
7. Congratulating my old Devilchild collaborator Jason Dennis after he was offered work by DC.
8. Spending a hugely entertaining Saturday night with Mick, Heather, Jamie, Theresa, Keith and Rob.
9. The moment the event's organisers finally switched off the No Heroics* trailer - our table was right in front of the big screen that had been showing the bloody thing on a constant loop for nearly an hour.
10. The bloke who walked about the show dressed as Heath Ledger's version of The Joker all weekend. Respect is especially due for the hours he spent in the nurse's costume on Saturday afternoon.
11. Getting a lift back to Southend on Sunday night with Jamie and Theresa meaning I didn't have to spend hours on a variety of slow-moving trains.

* No Heroics is a desperately unfunny ITV2 superhero sitcom that was being publicised at the show.


jamie said...

no worries about the lift home,it was the least we could do.
letting me sit behind the table on these past two events was a dream come true,post chasing amy.
of course,having contributed to a book would be better,especially as my weekend mainly consisted of muttering 'no,the artist/writer is in the loos/gone for a fag' to everyone who came by the table in yours or micks absence...
but shifting all those copies was a great achievement,and one to be well proud of.
pity that poor sod next to you,i wish i'd bought some of his stuff,even if it wasn't my cup of.

Unknown said...

I have little sympathy for that guy really - he made little effort to talk to would-be punters let alone actually try and sell them something. He was a big fan of Dave Sim, too, which impressed me even less...

Unknown said...
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Panelologists said...

Balls. We didn't seem to have time to come over and find you at the show. What a weekend!
Good to hear it all went well though, we'll try and get over to you at Bristol to buy more comics