Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Diamond aren't forever

A QUICK browse across the net has already thrown up a couple of early casualties of Diamond's new minimum order policy.

Steve Tanner, of Time Bomb Comics, reports that his Dick Turpin & The Restless Dead book has been ditched by the distributor because retailer orders failed to hit the new threshold. Read about it on Steve's blog.

And over at CBR, Rich Johnston discusses Classical Comics' adaptation of The Tempest which has been dropped "due to a lack of sales expectations". Read about it in this week's Lying In The Gutters.

The Dick Turpin book's rejection is a shame but, under the new rules, understandable because a) it's from a tiny UK indie publisher and b) it's black and white. But I'm astounded at the news concerning The Tempest - it's full colour and the art (by Jon Haward and Gary Erskine) is gorgeous. Check out the cover at the Classical Comics website.

More than that, though, Classical Comics are a proper, bonafide company - they pay their pro writers and artists good rates and have budgets for the marketing and promotion of their books. As far as I know sales are good too - Dec Shalvey's excellent Frankenstein adaptation outstripped sales estimates and went to a second printing after just three months. The company and its books also get acres of positive coverage in the comics press and elsewhere.

In his piece, Rich suggests Diamond might take a "second look" at The Tempest and I very much hope he's right because, if stuff as good as that can't make it into Previews any more, then the likes of Steve Tanner and I have no chance at all.


Rich Johnston said...

Put the price up.

jamie said...

i think someone needs to go round to diamonds house and give them a slap.

jamie said...

hmmm,isn't it about time we had an update?
what's been happening in winters wonderland recently?

jamie said...

garth ennis latest 'the boys' spin-off,
skates dangerously close to scoregasm,
better get rolling with the mini-website,i think.