Monday, July 6, 2009

Road Crew collaboration

MY first short story to go up on the Moonface website will be drawn by Tommie Kelly. Tommie is the creator behind the frequently hilarious Road Crew webcomic (you'll find it here: and I met him at last year's Dublin City Con. Look out for it sometime during the next month.

* THOSE proposals for editors and publishers I've been mentioning are bubbling along nicely. I'm now working on four different stories. Two of the projects have artists attached and I'm hoping Keith Burns will take on one of the others just as soon as his workload eases a little. Last I heard he was pulling 14-hour days to hit tighter-than-tight deadlines on The Boys. Poor sod...

The project that's furthest along at the moment is Kurse and I got some preliminary character sketches from Chris (the artist) this week and I couldn't be happier with them. He pretty much nailed the look of the two main characters straightaway which is hugely encouraging.

I know I've mentioned my frustrations with the Kurse script on here before, but a few weeks ago I finally solved the plot glitches that had been giving me problems and the whole thing works rather nicely now. About bloody time...

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