Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An extremely smart book

THE first review of Scoregasm is in and it's hugely positive. A few highlights from David O'Leary's piece over at comicrelated.com...

"This is an extremely smart book."

"Duane Leslie is a great artist with a keen eye for detail."

"I was buzzing a bit after reading this issue."

"In a perfect world, this would be a weekly comic."

Here's a link to the full review

* WHILE I'm in the mood for irksome self-congratulation, Mick Trimble recently pointed me in the direction of a link to Demonoid in which Septic Isle, the graphic novel we worked on together, is listed as one of the 'best comics of the decade/ever'.

I don't know what made me laugh more; the fact we're being mentioned in the same breath as Joss Whedon and Frank Miller, or that the heading above the list reads: MANY THANKS TO ALL THE SCANNERS WHO MADE THIS COLLECTION POSSIBLE. Yep, turns out Septic Isle's biggest fan is also an illegal downloader!

Here's the link

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