Saturday, July 28, 2012


APOLOGIES for the lack of recent updates, I haven't been idle. Indeed, I have a lot of stuff bubbling away at the moment...

Sample pages from Petal, the crime/horror story I did with Argentine artist Nicolas Armano, are with a publisher and I'm awaiting a decision on whether they are interested in seeing more.

Pages from Historical Project #1 are being coloured by the brilliant
Vicky Stonebridge.

Historical Project #2 is being drawn by the excellent
Daniel Bell.

Sci-Fi Project #1 is with a very talented Italian artist and he's designing characters, alien races and spaceships.

I'm also at various stages with a couple of other ideas. Monster Fun Project #1 uses minor characters from a very famous horror novel but in a completely new way, and Time Travel Project #1 is a black comedy featuring a female lead so outrageous she makes Tim Skinner look like Mother Theresa.

I'm looking for artists for both these latter projects, so if anyone out there is interested, please get in touch. More soon, including some artwork...

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