Monday, November 12, 2012

Amnesia Agents #1

DESPITE hearing a thousand-and-one positive things about the show, I've never made it up to Leeds for the city's annual Thought Bubble festival which takes place this week. And, sadly, it's the same this year. The main problem is that it always seems to clash with my eldest son's birthday (he turns nine on Friday). Added to that this year is the fact my mother-in-law has just passed away, and my wife will be spending the next week and a bit in Jamaica arranging the funeral and putting the old girl's house on the market, leaving me at home with the kids. 

Although I can't physically be at Thought Bubble, at least a story I wrote will be. It's a short and simple one-pager called 'Leo'. It's illustrated by Baz Renshaw (who you might know from the magazines Redeye and Multiverse), and you'll find it in issue #1 of Jason Cobley's Amnesia Agents comic. AA #1 - "an anthology about memories or the lack of" - also contains contributions from the very talented likes of Andy Bloor, Vicky Stonebridge, Gary Crutchley, Chris Askham and David Hitchcock

Amnesia Agents #1 is £3.50 for 52 pages. For more details, check out Jason's blog

* IN other news, I think I've found a publisher for a couple of my projects. I won't say any more now but hope to have more concrete news in the very near future.

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