Thursday, May 3, 2007


*Hero Killers gets a nice plug in this month's edition of the Judge Dredd Megazine (cover dated 29 May). The book is, ahem, "bigged-up" in an article entitled "Small Press: The Good, The Better And The Expo", along with a load of other British indie stuff. They even found room to include a gratifyingly large pic of the HK cover, too. Dec will be well chuffed!

*I am stupidly busy right now. As well as trying to finish off the script to Brothers, I'm lettering pages from Ryan Richards and Nat Sandells' Carson City mini-series, which is out later in the year through Brain Scan Studios. I also have to get cracking on the Alan Moore interview I conducted for the Tripwire annual a month or so ago.

I should really have been doing a lot of this stuff yesterday, but it was my birthday, so I celebrated by taking my eldest son swimming and watching the finale of BSG season three. A few years back, I'd have celebrated by drinking myself unconscious. I think this is what they call "growth".


jamie richards said...

happy birthday to you!
i bumped into/drove my car erratically across sutton road after spotting warren ellis today. a gentleman and a genius.
i spent the rest of the afternoon kicking myself and wondering why i wasn't working in comics...

jamie richards said...

oh,and well done on making it into the dredd mag,i saw it yesterday.
nice cover,indeed.

Mick said...

Happy (belated)birthday Andy!