Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stuff I've been doing

So, what have I been doing for the last couple of weeks...

* Lettering issues 2 and 3 of Brit Force.
* Reading The Umbrella Academy trade (it's so good it almost made me feel guilty about all the hateful things I've said about My Chemical Romance).
* Sending Declan Shalvey admiring emails about his beautiful full-colour Tim Skinner pages.
* Rolling home at 1.30 in the morning from work (ouch!).
* Reading comedian Mark Steel's latest book, What's Going On?
* Following the American Presidential election even though I can't vote in it and wouldn't vote for McCain or Obama even if I could.
* Loving every minute of Dexter season two on the FX channel.
* Telling my kids to be quiet about a hundred times a day.
* Inching ever closer to getting this movie option stuff sorted once and for all. The contract is now with a solicitor...
* Putting a few ideas together for a couple of new projects.
* Realising that I shouldn't be thinking about new projects when I have lots of perfectly good old projects to be getting on with.
* Enjoying the heck out of the Luna Brothers' new Image ongoing, The Sword.
* Taking the kids to see Space Chimps. It sucked.
* Visiting LegoLand with the family. It also sucked.
* Itching to get back to the comics writing on September 9.


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed Umbrella Academy too and I really wasn't expecting to…

Unknown said...

It's was clearly very influenced by Grant Morrison but that's never a bad thing in my eyes. I really hope Gerard Way does more Umbrella Academy - perhaps he should write comics exclusively and forget about being in that really bad emo band of his.

jamie said...

can't see any mention of having seen TDK.
shame on you.

Unknown said...

TDK will have to wait I'm afraid - no time this week and I'm doing nothing but writing next. Haven't seen Hellboy 2 either. Took Dylan to see that Clone Wars thing today which was OK even though I'm not a big Lucas fan.

How was the camping?

Declan Shalvey said...

I really like the admiring e-mails, keep 'em coming!

I hate My Chemical Romance, so have deliberattely avoidedstayed reading Umbrella Academy, in case i like it.

jamie said...

the week away camping was ace,until the second part of the week but more on that another time.
in hindsight,we wish we'd invited you and jen and the terrible twosome down for a few days...
would jen be into camping?
maybe next time.

and double shame on you for not seeing hellboy 2,i loved it.

but at least you sent a few more quid the beards way,like he needs the extra dough...

Unknown said...

Jen would definitely enjoy camping - she's always talking about taking the boys off somewhere for a weekend or whatever. Me? I'd rather eat my own shit than go camping. A decent hotel with a hot shower, a telly and room service is as close to roughing it as I ever intend to get.

Mick said...

I agree with you, Andy. Most of the worst times I've ever had have involved tents.

And going back to My Chemical Romance, my daughter is an emo these days and likes some really terrible bands, but even she hates them. That's gotta tell you how shit they are.

jamie said...

lol,you miserable old sod.
well,then... tell jen she's welcome to come camping with us next year,
in fact,we've been eyeing up a site on the isle of sheppey-my sister and her clan just got back from there and say it's great-for next year.
we'll keep you posted.