Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Skinner invades Dublin

THE Tim Skinner: Total Scumbag one-shot is back from the printer and is ready for its debut at this weekend's Dublin City Comic Con. Guests for the weekend include: Dan Slott (writer of She Hulk, the Amazing Spider-Man), Adi Granov (Artist Iron Man), Olivier Copiel (Artist Thor), Jonathan Hickman (Writer/Artist The Nightly News, Pax Romana), Tommy Lee Edwards (Artist Marvel 1985), Michael Lark (Artist Dardevil, Gotham Central) and Paul Cornell (Writer Captain Britain And MI:13, Doctor Who).

I'm heading off to the Con late Friday morning and should touch down at Dublin Airport sometime after six in the evening (yes, I know short-haul flights are very bad for the environment but I haven't set foot on a plane in three-and-a-half years so I doubt my carbon footprint is enormous). I've never been to Dublin before (and Ireland only once) so it's something I'm really looking forward to. Dec and I have a table from which punters will be able to purchase the usual catalogue of superior Moonface Press product, plus Dec's frankly marvellous Frankenstein graphic novel. If you're at the Con, please come and say "Hi". And, y'know, buy our stuff.

Skinner only costs €3 (about £2.50) for 36 full-colour pages (30 pages of story, a letters page and a bit of deleted script) on gorgeous thick glossy paper. It looks so lovely, in fact, that you won't know whether to read it or snog it!


Declan Shalvey said...

I'm gonna read it, THEN snog it. Can't wait to see the finished product. See you in a few days Andy!


jamie said...

hi andy,
i'd like a copy of that,seeing as dec's done the art,lol.
we had a blast in america,it really was a trip of a lifetime,if it weasn't for the fact that we've done similar trips for the last couple of years...
oh,and while i was away i managed to spread a little moonfacepress sunshine into some peoples lives,via the various comic shops we visited on our way through.
one in particualr,a shop in chicago,where the guy was well versed in brit comic culture,and was very interested in ordering copies of your recent stuff.
i wish i'd taken some of your business cards with me,it would have looked much more professional that writing down your website address on the backs of napkins and till reciepts.
but it got the message across,i hope.

Unknown said...

Hi Jamie,

I wondered if you were back from your American voyage of discovery yet. Were you over there for the election?

I've got a couple of weeks off work after I get back from Dublin so let's get together for a drink one night. Let me know when you're around.



jamie said...

hi andy,
we had a great many mini-adventures whilst in america,of which we'll no doubt chat about when we meet up.
of particular note was the day we went to marthas vineyard,the island off of cape cod where speilberg shot JAWS. that was an awesome day,i can tell you... there's something truly magical about visitng the locations of your favourite films.
need i saw anything about our time in chicago,aka THE DARK KNIGHTs gotham city?
absolutely stunning,standing outised wayne enterprises,and walking down the road where the joker set fire to the fire truck.
anyway,have a great time in dublin... and good luck with tim skinner!

Unknown said...

That's all very well – but were you there for the election? :-)


P.S. I'll email you next week about meeting up.

Unknown said...

Hi Andy,

Tommie here from Road Crew. Thanks for stopping by my table and buying the comic. Tim Skinner is great, that joke about Power Girl, Grant Morrison and Bendis is a killer!

Stay in touch,