Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brothers preview

HERE are a couple of unlettered pages from mine and Andy Radbourne's Brothers project. Andy's now finished all the interior art and lovely it looks, too. The book will be out for this year's Bristol Expo - probably around 60 pages (52 of story) in the same graphic novella format as Septic Isle.

The pitch for the book is "dysfunctional superheroes do Cloverfield" and the two preview pages (#4 and #6) feature Firework and Empire State Human (the brothers of our title) getting stuck in to a big fight at the London-based team's headquarters.

1 comment:

jamie said...

wow,an art-based post!
and what art!
this guys style is fantastic,and totally compliments your ever-growing stable of artists.
look at the roster of talent that have worked on your books,the fact that you've attracted and chosen such accomplished artists is quite the achievement.
and something in itself to be proud of.
well done,mate.