Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Look, they're ninjas!"

Five cool things about my week holidaying in Wales...

1. North Wales is bloody lovely - particularly enjoyed Conwy Castle, Llandudno and the steam train ride up Yr Wyddfa (that's Mount Snowdon to those of us who don't speak Welsh).
2. Came up with a nice idea for a new mini-series while I was away and am hoping one of the people I met at Bristol will be up for drawing it. It would certainly suit his style.
3. After the first two days in which it did nothing but piss down with rain, the weather brightened up and was gorgeous for the rest of the week.
4. The Twilight Zone at Chester Zoo. It's full of bats and you're in there with them as they swoop and dart only a few feet from your head.
5. My son Dylan gave me the biggest laugh of the week when three Muslim women dressed in black burqas walked past us. Very loudly and within only a few feet of them, he exclaimed: "Look, they're ninjas." Oh, how they chuckled...

Five crap things about my week holidaying in Wales...

1. Our children - Dylan and Connor - were appallingly behaved. My wife Jen is one of the most level-headed and patient people I've ever met and even she wanted to wallop the pair of them by the second day!
2. The journey to North Wales was utter hell - torrential rain at some points and we narrowly avoided being in a nasty accident when some fucktard took a corner too fast and hit the car just behind us.
3. The journey back to Southend was utter hell - no torrential rain or nasty accidents this time, just loads and loads of delays on the M1.
4. Our accommodation for the week came courtesy of a holiday camp (a freebie I got through the day job). Let's just say the place confirmed every negative stereotype I've ever had about such places and leave it at that.
5. A week away meant a week without email, the internet or comics - however did I cope?

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