Thursday, August 30, 2007

SFX review

NICE review of Blood Psi, courtesy of "Charlie Hodge", in this month's SFX (#161). I'm particularly pleased as the mag doesn't often feature UK indie books - in fact the last one I seem to remember them reviewing was the Brodie's Law trade. I reckon Blood Psi has now been better reviewed than Hero Killers which is saying something as HK got some very good press

* I'VE been getting a lot of enquiries recently about publishing other people's comics and graphic novels, including one from illustrator Phill Evans, who is one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Unfortunately, I've had to say no to all of them for the simple reason that I've barely got enough time to devote to writing, publishing and marketing my own stuff let alone making space in my schedule for the work of other people.

It's a real shame as there's a lot of good stuff out there and I feel a bit of a git for turning people down. Sadly, other than pointing creators in the direction of Barry Renshaw (Engine Comics) or Shane Chebsey (Scar Comics), there isn't much I can do about it...

* ABOUT five years ago I was contacted by a fella called Matt Yeo. Matt had recently set up a comics news and reviews website called on which he wrote a lovely review of the first Devilchild volume (he gave the book 10/10). Matt also planned to self-publish a regular anthology title, even getting to the stage of sending out a dummy edition.

Then it all went quiet. I checked the Bullet Proof website occasionally to see if it had been updated but quickly assumed Matt had simply lost interest in all things comicy and moved on. Imagine my surprise then, when, a couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Matt saying that issue #1 of Bullet Proof was not only finished, but printed and ready to be sent out into the world.

Having now had a chance to see a copy, I heartily recommend it. There's a really nice mix of styles and genres that brought to mind the kind of feel that Warrior was going for way back when. Highlights from the first issue include "Funguys" by Alans Grant and Burrows (two sentient, time-travelling mushrooms gatecrash the Last Supper); "Occultus" (gorgeous art by David Hankin); "Armageddon Patrol" (superheroes in the Vietnam war); "Magpie" (super-powered females kick the crap out of each other in a dystopian future), and "Out Of The Box" (a self-contained short set in the world of boxing with a pleasing twist). All in all there's something in Bullet Proof #1 for comics fans of every stripe.

The Bullet Proof website is in desperate need of an update but you should be able to order a copy there.

* THE mini-series I mentioned in my last post now has an artist. We're going to meet up at the Birmingham International Comics Show (BICS) in October, by which time I should have written up character descriptions and plot outlines of all three issues. Rather excited about this one as it's completely different to anything I've done before.


Declan Shalvey said...

Wow, SFX!
Congrats Andy!

Declan Shalvey said...

Oooh, just read it again. Missed this first time: "the overtly 'sexy' cover is trying too hard'


Unknown said...

Thought that was a bit harsh myself. It's a sexy cover because we wanted to sell some books. And compared to some of the stuff out there (Lady Death, that Heroes For Hire cover with the tentacle rape overtones) it's very tame.