Saturday, November 24, 2007

10 Things I've done this week...

1. WATCHED ten episodes of US sitcom 30 Rock on DVD. Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey are pure comedy gold.
2. READ the final two issues of World War Hulk – a rushed, rubbish ending.
3. BURIED a cat in the back garden (yes, the poor old thing was dead).
4. TRIED explaining the concept of death to my four-year-old son, Dylan. His response? "Is X Factor on tonight?"
5. SHOUTED abuse at Steve McClaren and his crappy England team full of overrated prima donnas.
6. WORKED out that I'm only at the day job for seven days in December. Yay!
7. WATCHED Robert Rodriguez's half of GrindhousePlanet Terror – and thoroughly enjoyed every silly minute of it.
8. HAD impure thoughts about the extraordinarily sexy Rose McGowan as a result of watching Planet Terror.
9. GAVE up reading Douglas Coupland's latest novel, The Gum Thief ,less than halfway through. What has happened to my attention span?
10. SERIOUSLY thought about going to see American Gangster at the cinema but, erm, haven't.


jamie said...

good for you,
i'd be hard pushed to make a top ten of things i did this week,
maybe a top two,and that's only
1.slept alot.
2.half penciled a scoregasm 'promo' pic.

Unknown said...

American Gangster is worth seeing…
I could put a list together of 10 things I did this week but I can't be arsed ;)

Declan Shalvey said...

American Gangster is great. I loved it.

If you were explaining death tp the young boy and 'X-Factor' came to mind, then i reckon he understood you!