Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Village people

MY latest Starting Out column is up at www.indiereview.co.uk.

This month's subject is finding outlets to sell your comic or graphic novel if you aren't going to use Diamond. Hopefully there's some good advice in there.

* WHILE we're on the subject of British indie comics websites, be sure to check out www.comicsvillage.com. It's the brainchild of Craig Johnson who used to write regularly for www.silverbulletcomicbooks.com.

Rumour has it that Silver Bullets is about to shift its focus to cover Marvel and DC books only and change its name to Comics Bulletin, so Craig decided to set up his own "indies only" site.

At the moment the content is mainly columns and reviews (including a nice one for Devilchild Volume III) but I'm sure as it develops news and previews of forthcoming books will be added to the mix. They're certainly going to be on my mailing list from now on.

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