Thursday, November 15, 2007

Brodie's Law exhibition

LAST night I went to the "private view launch party" of David Bircham's exhibition at the Animation Art Gallery in London. David's the artist on Brodie's Law ( and anyone who's seen his work on that title will already be aware of what a terrific talent he is.

I was expecting a couple of dozen people to be there and was rather shocked when a couple of hundred turned up - an amusing mix of comicbook nerds, Hoxton arty boys and drop-dead gorgeous women. It was so packed there were times when I could hardly move. Tucking into wine and nibbles with the best of them were Joel Meadows (Tripwire), Oli Smith (Hazy Tuesday), David Baillie (Scribe), Rob Dunlop (Tozzer) and Mike Conroy (Comics International).

According to David, the Brodie's movie is definitely on for next year with Samuel L Jackson, Jason Statham and even Daniel Craig all being linked with roles. I really hope it comes off for Daley and David as they work harder than anyone I know in UK comics (they've attended 35 conventions this year alone, while I've managed, er, two).

If you're in London doing some Christmas shopping, you really should spare half an hour to go and have a look at David's exhibition (as you'll see from the above photos it contains some lovely work). It runs until Wednesday, 21 November at the Animation Art Gallery, 13-14 Great Castle Street (a five minute walk from Oxford Street).

* I'VE had a stupidly busy week that, for once, didn't include any comics writing at all. However, I have started thinking about how I'm going to publicise Septic Isle and even bought a domain name for the micro-site that will be launched to support the book.

Ideally, I wanted or for the site's url but both of these were already gone. I also thought or were a bit unwieldy. Anyway, eventually I decided to name the website after the book's "tagline" which, I think, is really catchy and thought-provoking. I shall reveal all in the New Year...


jamie said...

'nuff said.

Unknown said...

How were LA and San Fran then?

jamie said...

cheers andy,
both were fantastic. as soon as we get over the horrific jet-lag,you'll have to come round and look at the holiday snaps.