Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Doctor Gloom

I'VE had a very unproductive couple of weeks and, to be honest, have spent quite a bit of that time thoroughly fed-up about one thing or another. I'm sure it's a case of the winter blues and nothing more, but I really hope it clears up fast as my writing is being adversely affected (it also got me into a spot of bother over the weekend but I'm not going into that here).

On a more positive note, I've just started a couple of weeks holiday from the day job so at least that won't add to my stress and general shitty demeanour. Today I'm finally going to take a look at the two short stories I started ages ago but never finished. They're both sound ideas and don't need a lot of work to finish them off.

Next week, I'm going to make a belated start on my next one-shot project. It's called Kurse and it's something I'll be working on with artist Duncan Nimmo. In theory, it shouldn't take me long to write as the whole thing is fully plotted out (unlike, say, Tim Skinner and Septic Isle, which were only loosely plotted when I started writing them).

Hopefully, by the time I update again, the black cloud hovering over my head will have gone and I'll be feeling a little more "sunshiney". Feel free to send jokes to cheer me up. Or porn.


jamie said...

hey,things could be a lot worse.

jamie said...

good to see you today,andy...hope you had a good meander round the shops.
better make this a regualr thing as seeing you has infused me with enthusiasm to do some drawing.

Unknown said...

It was good to see you too, Jamie. We must try and get together over the Christmas/New Year period. You and the wife should pop round for a drink at some point.

jamie said...

well,that's very kind of you to offer. we might just take you up on that,x.